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15.07.2018 Digital Signage in the Hotel segment (in German only)

Article about Digital Signage in the Hotel segment published in „Digital Signage 3/2018 (in German only)

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21.12.2016 Press Release Digital Signage „All-in-One“

New Survey about Digital Signage Software “All-in-One” 2016 is available now.
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9.11.2016 Article in the periodical „Digital Signage“

A brief description of the results of the Surveys Digital Signage software “All-in-One” Surveys 2016 was published in the journal “Digital Signage” 4/2016 of the wnp Verlag.
Link to the information(German version)

16.6.2016 Announcement of new studies on wayfinding and spatial management on invidis Homepage

“PrimeConsult, the consultant company, has presented two new studies on software for interactive wayfinding and wayguiding, as well as on room management and door-label software. In the studies, the products of the most important suppliers are examined in detail. ”
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9.6.2016 Press release in the trade journal Digital Signage

The announcement of the Room managment Survey 2016 was published in the specialist magazine “Digital Signage” of the wnp publishing house.
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04.04.2016 Press release:

New Survey on Room Management and Door Sign software in 2016 is now available.
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18.03.2016 Article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Desktop Sharing – Smart Working at Allianz.
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12.02.2016 Lecture at ISE 2016 in Amsterdam:

Digital Signage Software: “One World is not Enough”
Results of the Market Surveys published by Prime Consult in 2/2016
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4. – 6.2.2016 Lecture Series on the WETEC 2016 Stuttgart:

Prime Consult held on WETEC a series of lectures addressing the importance of digital media:

  • Digital Signage Software: Results of Surveys 2015 Interactive Wayfinding Software: Results of the survey in 2016 (update)
  • Space management and door signage Ergebisse of Surveys 2016 Software solutions “All-in-One”: Initial findings of the survey in 2016

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12.01.2016 Article in magazine “Digital Signage” 4-2015:

Digital Signage realized successfully.
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27.10.2015 Article in magazine “Werbetechnik” 5-2015:

Over Digital posters. Software can do more than show content statically. Prime Consult offers in a market survey an overview of the solutions available in the market.
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31.7.2015 Article in magazine “Professional System” 4/15:

find selection criteria for DS software / digital signage software. Tips for choosing the optimal solution at the interface between marketing and IT infrastructure.
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28.04.2015 Press release:

New Survey on Digital Signage Software 2015 is now available.
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09.01.2014 Contribution to journal “Professional System” 5/14:

Checklist Way-Finding / Tips for a successful search for the right digital signage system.
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21.1.2014 Publication of the Interactive Wayfinding Survey 2014:

For the first time, the market for Interactive Wayfinding solutions was investigated in detail and the various offers on the market rated critical. The study is intended to serve the decision when the complex projects of digitally assisted interactive routing should be planned and implemented.

20.9.2012 Presentation at the 6th Munich Digital Signage Conference:

Digital Signage Eco system: Where the Solution hits the Financials – illustration of an approach to the determination of the efficiency of digital Signage solutions.

2.2.2012 presentation at the Expo in Stuttgart 4.0:

Digital signage software “out-of-the box”: market study on the competitiveness of the key vendors

15.9.2011 Presentation at the 5th Munich Digital Signage Conference:

Digital signage software “out-of-the box”: Qualitative study of the relevant companies in D-A-CH

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