Digital Signage

Digital Signage Software Survey 2019-2020

A digital signage solution consists of the components Hardware, Software and Content:

  • The hardware is now largely standardized and therefore relatively inexpensive. What is needed for a professional solution are screens, a media to play the content (usually this is a Windows PCs, a so-called. Player), a server for retaining all relevant system information and their management and the communications technology between the central server and the players.
  • The contents are determined by the objective, which is associated with the use (and thus always project and customer specific).
  • The software defines the performance of the solution and is dependent on the demand and requests of the solution. The right choice is crucial.

Investigation of market-relevant software offerings:
In Central Europe we have more than 180 vendors registered and on our watch list. Worldwide, there are likely to be at least twice as many. Of these, only a few have a relevant market position. A wise choice is necessary.

On Survey a total of 19 companies took part, including all leading software companies from Europe and USA, as well as selected hardware manufacturers.

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