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Room- and Resource Management Software/Door Sign Survey 2016

In the past the market for Digital Door Signs and Room/Resource Management was characterized by relatively high cost of the hardware. In the recent months this has changed by a significant decline in prices for door signs.

With a participation of more than 60% of the identified companies that operate in Europe, this Survey has the highest participation quota at all.

Investigation of market-relevant software offerings:

In Central Europe, we have more than 40 vendors registered and on our watch list; worldwide, it should probably be more than 100 vendors. In our Survey we won the following basic findings:

  1. There is an entry level segment in which so-called “Connectors” create the connection between a calendar (for example, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) and the door signs.
  2. The middle segment offers comprehensive services for room management and first features in resource management. This segment is dominated by vendors that have their focus in the Digital Signage World and are what we call “All-in-One” suppliers. The advantage is that they offer for those customers who need more than only one common solution a platform for all solutions.
  3. The third segment are the specialists of this market, offering the most efficient solutions for this segment.
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